Established in 1987, Atlanta Photography Group (APG) is an artist-initiated 501(c)(3) nonprofit membership organization providing opportunities and support to the fine art photography community.

Goals & Activities

APG's mission is to promote and support contemporary photography as a significant art form, to provide opportunities for photographers to further their artistic development and to develop and sustain an inclusive and vibrant photographic community for all individuals interested in contemporary photography.

These goals are supported through a wide range of activities that are overseen by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board drawn from the Atlanta photographic community.


APG hosts photographic exhibitions throughout the year in its gallery space at the Tula Art Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Most shows are juried by well-known photography curators, gallery owners and experts. APG is free and open to the public, Tuesday – Saturday, 12 – 4pm or by appointment. 


APG hosts critiques, discussions and meetings every month at the gallery. These monthly meetings provide members with opportunities to receive valuable feedback on their work, discuss photography with their peers, and increase their knowledge of the photographic medium.

  • Critique:  Meets every first Wednesday at 7:30pm at APG Gallery. See Events for more information.
  • Speaking of Photography: Meets every third Wednesday at 7:30pm at APG Gallery. See Events  for more information.
  • Design Salon: Meets on the second Sunday of each month, from 2 - 4pm. See Events  for more information.

Member Benefits

 APG members may receive free entry to special events, learn new skills and increase their photographic knowledge. Learn more about the benefits of APG membership.