APG Style Guide


When in doubt: Look at the website and do that.


Don't editorialize, state the facts.
Write it, then make it shorter. Then make it shorter.
No exclamation points.
June 9, NOT June 9th
6 - 9pm, NOT 6pm - 9pm
10 - 11am, NOT 10am - 11am
Dates: June 14 – July 4, NOT Exhibition Dates: June 14th - July 4th
only add am/pm if time frame includes both: 10am - 4pm
Do not use 4:00pm when you can use 4pm. 
For captions identifying artist and artwork: Artist Name, "Title of Work of Art" … EX:  Rosie Brock, "Fair"
Exhibition Titles get Italics when possible (in the body copy): Know South / No South
Artwork titles get quotes: "Untitled"
Book titles get italics: Robert Frank's The Americans
Names of Series or Projects get italics: Robert Mapplethorpe, The Attic Series

Photo Credits

Photo by Richard Skoonberg (if photographer is not understood, and not in photo, ex: headshot of someone)
Richard Skoonberg, "Lakeview Motel, Rabun County" (if photographer is not understood, ex: photo advertising Exhibition)
"Lakeview Motel, Rabun County" (if photographer is understood, ex: in Q & A)

Facebook: Events, Programs, Workshops, etc... are listed the same as on the website
Exhibition: Know South / No South, NOT Know South / No South Exhibition
Opening Reception: Know South / No South, NOT Know South / No South opening reception
Workshop: Photoshop 101, NOT Learning Photoshop 101 with Instructor Name
Speaking of Photography: Carl Martin, NOT Carl Martin Lecture at the Gallery

for "Calendar" items this is the format
Date (time): Event Type: Name of Event
June 6 (6 - 9pm): Opening Reception: Know South / No South

APG Products/Entry Fees

In Squarespace: This is a hack to hide the "Quantity" input field in product blocks on a per page basis. Paste this into a code block somewhere above the product block. Set code block to "HTML" and uncheck "Display Source."

/* Hide quantity fields on this page only */
.product-block .product-quantity-input { display: none; }