Critique Group Guidelines


  • Critique Group meets monthly at 7:00pm at the APG Gallery and is for members only.

  • Guests may visit once but then will need to join for any additional visits. Check the APG calendar for exact dates.

  • Critiques are moderated by a changing roster of photography educators and other art professionals.

  • If you want to show your work, write your name on the Sign-Up Sheet when you arrive. Critique is limited to 12 presenters – first come, first serve.

  • Presenters are limited to 6 prints and critique time is limited 8 minutes if there is a full roster of 12 presenters. Sessions will be longer if there are fewer presenters.

  • Presentation: Consider the size of the images to best present the work, while 8.5x11 may be okay, usually it’s too small for most images. Print quality does matter for most critiques, be sure to present the best print quality possible.