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Exhibition: Director's Cut

Jerry Takigawa, "Untitled F-379"

Jerry Takigawa, "Untitled F-379"

Director’s Cut, a group exhibition featuring 20 artists who breathe fresh perspectives and a new vitality into traditional photographic genres such as landscape, portraiture, and still life. Director’s Cut is curated each year by APG executive director Beth Lilly from members’ work presented to APG over the past year.

Selected Artists

Jason Jones            
Jennifer Mckinnon Richman    
Jerry Takigawa            
Julie Brook Alexander        
Mike Lee            
Nick Prince            
Stacy Funderburke        
Stephanie Sutton        
Terri Lonowski            
Valerie Gruner

Alli Royce Soble        
Beate Sass            
Chet Burgess            
Dale Niles            
Dan Kaufman            
Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay    
Elliot Fuerniss                
Francis Crisafio        
Henry M. Jacobs        
Jan Kapoor    

Ashley Rodgers Burdell

Ashley Rodgers Burdell, "The Longing Grandmother"

Ashley Rodgers Burdell, "The Longing Grandmother"

Concurrently in the Ted & Gloria Maloof Gallery, APG presents Ashley Rodgers Burdell: photoSLAM! Columbus Winner. Burdell is the Juror Award winner of the first photoSLAM! High School/College Edition produced in Columbus, GA on April 15, 2017 and sponsored by Aflac IT. Inspired by 19th century spirit photography, Ashley Rodgers Burdell explores photography’s ability to distort the truth.  

First presented in 2013, photoSLAM! is a poetry slam where the words are expressed through images. Each artist has ten images of their work projected in two minutes in a lighting fast poetry slam style. The quintessential space for photographers and visual artists to share their work, photoSLAM! is authentic community building, bringing together, is infused with the visual arts and technology.

Gallery: Director's Cut 2017