APG / High Museum of Art Purchase Award Winners

Each year our annual Portfolio exhibition features 6-8 series chosen from submissions by a nationally recognized curator. The High Museum of Art has the opportunity to select multiple pieces for its own collection and the winning artist receives from APG an award of $2500. The award is jointly funded each year by Ted & Gloria Maloof and Edwin Robinson, who began the program in 2013.


Emily Earl, "El Rocko Lounge"

Emily Earl, "El Rocko Lounge"

Nancy Floyd, "1982 / 2012"



Emily Earl for her series, Late Night Polaroids

From the exhibition, Portfolio 2017, juried by Andy Adams, independent curator, publisher and founder of FlakPhoto.



Nancy Floyd for her series, Weathering Time

From the exhibition, Portfolio 2016, juried by Lisa Suttcliffe, Curator of Photography and Media Arts at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Laura Noel, "Mikki On Her Porch"



Laura Noel for her series, Smoke Break

From the exhibition, Portfolio 2014, juried by Richard McCabe, Curator of Photography at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans Louisiana.

Beth Lilly, "Bipolar"


Beth Lilly for her series, every single one of these stories is true

From the exhibition, Portfolio 2013 juried by Karen Irvine, Curator and Assistant Director at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago Illinois.

Svjetlana Tepavcevic, “Means of Reproduction No. 1191”



Svjetlana Tepavcevic for her series, Means of Reproduction

From the exhibition, Portfolio 2012, juried by Paul Martineau, Associate Curator, J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles California.