APG’s Workshops are designed to provide photographic artists with the essential knowledge and tools to succeed in their professional and creative practices. Whether you are a working photographer or hobbyist, APG is committed to supporting the development of each individual, no matter where you are in your artistic career.

This workshop series features two tracks, Exhibit Wise: The Business of Being an Artist and Image Wise: The Creative Process of an Artist. Exhibit Wise focuses on navigating the business side of the art world, while Image Wise explores the varying ways that artist can evolve and grow in creating and exhibiting their work.


2018 Course Catalog

Exhibit Wise: The Business of Being An Artist

In this series, students will gain an understanding of how to develop essential business practices like building an audience, presenting their work, and approaching galleries. They will also walk away with tools to improve their communication and writing skills, all by the instruction and guidance of local art professionals.

Exhibition 101

This crash course gives you all the basic information you need to know as a professional artist including the must-haves for presenting and promoting your work as well as ideas on pricing, framing and shipping work.

Best Practices Pt. 1

How should an artist approach galleries? How do exhibiting artists price their work? This workshop will address art industry standards and expectations when it comes to dealing with all things presenting and selling your work.

Best Practices Pt. 2

This workshop will educate and familiarize artists about the business side of art including legal rights and responsibilities. The instructor will cover a variety of topics, such as intellectual property, copyright and infringement, negotiating deals, and much more.

Promote Your Work

Your work is presentation ready… now what? This workshop will assist artists with getting their work out there, through tips on networking, building social media platforms, and navigating self-promotion in the digital age.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Image Wise: Creative Development

Staying inspired and motivated creatively can be a challenge for artists at any stage of their career. This series will explore an array of strategic practices that will inspire new artists to uncover their personal vision as well as help seasoned artists find new inspiration, move past creative blocks and revive unfinished projects.

Visual Literacy

Participants will actively discover how to interpret and analyze hidden meaning in images through presentations, discussion, and critique.

Develop Your Project + Series

This workshop was designed for artists struggling to finish a photographic project. Through critique, portfolio reviews, and assessing each individual’s personal goals, the instructor will guide participants in making critical decisions that will take their photographic projects to the next level.

Creating a Personal Narrative

In this workshop, participants will learn how find, capture, and tell a story through images. The instructor will guide students in finding their perspective, and making wise technical decisions to create compelling narratives that will connect your viewer to your personal subject matter.

Contemporary Directions in Photography

This workshop will explore the evolution of contemporary photography, from a traditional to conceptual genre.